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Prospective Parents
Info for Prospective Parents/Guardians

Interested in MCE for your student? Here you will find information on why MCE is the right choice!


Mason County Eastern Award winning School

#1 Rural School in Michigan and #6 Value Added school in Michigan by Bridge Magazine.

Bronze Medal Winner by US News and World Report.

From Kindergarten through 12th Grade, children spend at least 16,000 hours at school. Make every hour count for your child! Take 20 minutes to look into Mason County Eastern Schools today. If you live in Mason, Lake, Oceana or Manistee Counties, your child is eligible to enroll – at no cost – in Mason County Eastern's award-winning school district. To learn more call 231-757-3733 or email

Early Education:

  •     Children at MCE begin early; from Cardinals Corner Daycare for 30 month olds and older to our Preschool for 4 year olds.

  •     Our Early Childhood Center goals include developing self-esteem by instilling a love of learning and proper socialization through a warm, secure and nurturing environment.

  •     Preschool curriculum helps our children develop good learning, listening and concentration skills which will serve them throughout their education.

  •     Our facilities are designed strictly around young children.

Elementary Education:

  •     We make school a safe, warm, inviting and exciting place for our students to learn.

  •     MCE offers a broad-based curriculum that targets children’s strengths and interests, including reading and comprehension skills, language arts and vocabulary development, math, science, social studies, writing and penmanship and hands-on development through field trips.

  •     We introduce children to the art education through classroom instruction; integrate music during school programs and assemblies and off-campus trips to cultural institutions within our community.

  •     We believe healthy living starts early – so we emphasize physical activity to keep kids in good shape and foster a sense of self-worth through physical education.

  •     Even our youngest students learn to embrace technology through the use of devices on a daily basis, building the skills they need to achieve academic success throughout their school years.

  •     Parents are encouraged to participate in our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), and to work with teachers and counselors to ensure the child’s success.

Middle School Education:

  •     MCE provides a rigorous scholastic program that gives students an academic edge before they even enter high school.

  •     MCE educators monitor each child to ensure they remain academically challenged and don’t fall behind their peers. Should a student require additional help or intervention, we make resources available to ensure both academic and social success.

  •     MCE offers off-campus trips to cultural institutions within our community.   

  •     Parents are encouraged to work with teachers and counselors to ensure the child’s success.   

  •     Some extracurricular activities include athletics, Student Council, Book Club, SADD and Drama Club.   

High School Education:

  •     MCE High School provides a renowned education that prepares students for the rigors of college and a global economy, including Dual Enrollment and Career and Technical courses. Many of our students receive over 25 college credits before they graduate from high school courses. In fact, 90 percent of our students continue on to college.  For the last 5 years, our graduates have earned over $200,000 in scholarships.

  •     Mason County Eastern technology includes updates wireless, smart Boards installed in many classrooms, a computer lab for creation of podcast, video production and ability to communicate around the world using Skype.   

  •     Scholar-Athletes are emphasized at MCE High School. While we are proud to boast about our athletes who move on to collegiate sports –we are equally proud of our All-State, All-Academic teams. We also are proud of our NO CUT philosophy in athletics where ALL students have the opportunity to participate in the athletic teams. We offer Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country, Basketball, Bowling, Football (cooperative program), Cheerleading, Baseball, Softball, Golf, Track and Field.

  •      A well-rounded education is more than academics, athletics and arts; our students participate in different clubs and after-school activities like drama, academic quiz bowls and leadership building opportunities like student government, SADD and National Honors Society.

  •      MCE High School teachers and counselors are proactive in getting to know your children, helping to guide them into rewarding academic and extracurricular experiences throughout their years here.

    Make Mason County Eastern Schools your CHOICE for your students EDUCATION

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