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Meet the Counselor...

Ms. Shelly Rife



My Mission and Commitment to MCE Students and Families

I am committed to helping all students be as successful as they can and want to be in all areas of their life. I love helping students discover and develop their strengths both academically and socially/emotionally. It is a pleasure to hear about their aspirations and I am always thankful when they allow me to help them achieve their goals. I am committed to helping all students find their career pathway whether it be college, apprenticeships, military, or world of work. I am also committed to helping families overcome challenges and be as successful as you can and want to be.


What do school counselors do?


  • Listen to student concerns about academic, emotional or social challenges

  • Help students navigate through their challenges and set goals and action plans

  • Mediate conflict

  • Assist with college applications, scholarships, and jobs

  • Career exploration

  • Organize and facilitate small group peer counseling sessions

  • Evaluate student abilities, interests and personalities to help them develop academic and career goals

  • Facilitate aptitude tests

  • Provide classroom guidance lessons (study skills, coping skills, test anxiety, etc.)

  • And the list goes on.


Things to consider…

What better time than now to let your school counselor get to know you?! 

You will likely need a letter of recommendation from your counselor to get into your top university. You may need a letter of reference to get that job you’ve been hoping to get straight out of high school. You may need help deciding which college, if any, or career is the best fit for you. You may need someone who knows you well enough to say, “yes, he/she can and/or will”!

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