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Drama Club

The MCE drama club is an in-school rewards program for honors students grades 6-12. Every October auditions are held to determine the cast and crew of each year’s production. Then in March the club puts on a play that is rehearsed throughout the entire school year twice a week during AC. The Garrett Lake Performing Arts Award and scholarship is given each year for efforts and achievements in the drama club.









2022-2023 Members:

6th: Tristan Johnson, Meredith Fisher, Abby Allen, Klaire Leisure 

7th: Corliss Gulembo, Bridget Whitaker, Aubrey Myers, Rylee Storm, Kyan Leisure, Morgan Stocks, Kaiden Lague, Brooke Hawk, Lilly O’Connor, Dawson White 

8th: Annabelle Zwagerman, Milo Shoup, Kasey Gaudette, Haley Bacon, Leia Weaver 

9th: Elena Hopkins, Danny Bothwell, Devin Gauthier, Mackenzie Wright, Miley Kessel 

10th: Isabella Gulembo, Kirsten Bacon, Avery Crawford, Mallory Oomen 

11th: Jude Mickevich, Max Smith, Kennady Tyler 


Director: Anesa Beifuss-Gulembo

Contact the director at with any questions or if you have interest in volunteering services for backstage work, or a desire to donate props or costumes to the closet.

Coming in October 2023:

Auditions for the murder mystery

The Curious Case of Dr. Mashallah

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